Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natto Is the Best Food!!!

Kojiro is eating natto.

I love natto very much. Natto is Japanese traditional food. It's looks is little bit stupid. Because of looks and smell there are a lot of foreigner who do not like natto and can not understand why Japanese are prefer natto. However I do not want to decide natto just looks and smell. natto is really delicious. In addition, it is good for our health and skin. In this reason I have eaten natto everyday in Japan. Maybe most of Japanese like natto, of course there are few people who do not like this. It is little bit sadly. Besides, natto would match to every food. For example, natto and curry, toast and natto and mayonnaise, egg and rice and soy source. This is sounds not good for you, but I want you to try natto. please. I got natto in Nijiya( Japanese market), so if you want to try you can buy at Nijiya. I will suggest natto for you.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Am Fan of Tohoshinki

I am a fan of Tohoshinki, then I found the blog about Them. When I found this blog I was happy and yelled because I really wanted to introduce to everyone about them. Today, I will write down about one member, his name is Junsu. I like him so much. Especially, his voice. He is really good at singing, however he had trouble. Before his voice was beautiful and clear. When he was junior high school student, his voice was broken. He went to see the hospital, then he was said " Do not sing anymore." by the doctor. He really shocked this thing, so he kept wailing everyday. Because of this his voice changed to like husky. Even if he was said that not to sing, he kept singing and he never gave up to sing. Finally he became good singer. At all I like him.
If you are interested in Tohoshinki, check it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheap And Stylish

I am interested in fashion and I like shopping very much. However I am not a rich person. Nowadays, I am looking for the clothes how cheap and stylish. When I was in Japan, I often went to Fashion Center Shimamura. There were a lot of cheap clothes. After I came to LA, I already found cheap shops. I especially like H&M and Forever21. We have these shops in Japan, but I came from country side, I could not go there often. But now I could go there anytime.

H&M has about one hundred designers in the world. They go to the global travels ten times a year. They are making up the system that new clothes innovate everyday. This is based on the inspiration that they take the lecture at the global travels. That is way, whenever I went to H&M, there were many new items in there.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It Is a First Time

On Thursday, I went to Hammer museum. It located on westwood. There were a lot of pictures in this museum. However I was not interested in these pictures. After looking the museum, we are able to enjoy talking with friends in the cafeteria. There were very nice cafeteria.

Today, I went to The museum of Jurassic Technology with my friends. When we arrived near this museum, we could not find this soon. Because we imagined really big museum, but in fact, it was very small building. So although we were standing in front of this museum, we could not find this. At first I thought I do not like this kind of museum, because inside was black. I was scary. However, there were a lot of stuffs which were fascinate. If we looked thorough the glass, we could see the movement of cat's cradle. It was really interesting.

Actually, I have never been to this kind of museum. However I had a good time in there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Like Shoes

I like shoes, so I will introduce about my favorite shoes brand. I like Christian Louboutin. However I never bought Christian Louboutin, because it is expensive for me. First of all, I will talk about the history of Christian Louboutin. Louboutin was born in France in 1963. When he was young, he would paint the picture of shoes on his school book. After few years, he began to go to the design school of CHANEL and YVES SAINT LAURENT. Then, he opened his own boutique. The back of shoes are red. It is famous. When he did own fashion show, he thought his shoes were little satisfactory. He saw his subordinate put red manicure on her nail, then this idea occurred.His shoes are loved almost celebrities. Nicole Richie also loves his shoes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Thin

I am interested in fashion, so I have a chance to watch the fashion show. (on YouTube) I saw so many models who are too thin in the fashion show. The style of these models is really different from general people. I know it is difficult to be a model of runway, and these models are attempting so hard. In addition to, the world of the model is strict. In these reasons, there are a lot of girls who are not eating anything. What is called ANOREXIA. In fact, there were some people who were dead by anorexia. On November in 2006, Ana Carolina Reston was dead by anorexia. She was a super model. Her height was 1.74 meters, however her weight was only 40kg. Many people paid attention to this occurrence. After her death, too thin models are not allowed to walk on runway. I found this picture from fashion blog.
That is why, I wrote this blog.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nicole Richie's Fashion

Today I read the blog who is interested in fashion and likes Nicole Richie. Actually, I also like Nicole Richie. Although you think Nicole Richie is a bad girl, she became a good mother and stylish in recent years. At first, I will introduce about Nicole Richie a little bit. She is a daughter of Lionel Richie. It is a famous story that Nicole is not a real daughter of him. However they are so friendly and keeping good relationship. She was a party girl before. About two years ago, she born a daughter named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. She made own Jewelry bland. This is House of Harlow 1960. And now she is making own bland of maternity clothes. We are able to buy this Jewelry on the Internet or KITSON or somewhere. It is not expensive so much. This is her Jewelry.